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          San Colombano al Lambro / Italy

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          SieMatic's Logo
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          Siematic is a German brand that has been producing kitchens for over 50 years, and is among the world's best known brands in the sector. The production, which takes place exclusively in Germany, has a very high target, the kitchens proposed by the brand are aimed at the luxury market. The company, initially a family-run business, was founded in 1929 in L?hne in Westphalia and has always aimed to achieve maximum perfection in the production of kitchens, both aesthetically and functionally and technologically. The environmental aspect is also very dear to the German brand, in fact the production, strictly "Made in Germany", takes place according to ecological criteria that have guaranteed the award of FCS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the GS mark for health and safety.
          SieMatic is one of the few kitchen manufacturers to belong to the "Deutsche Guetegemeinschaft Moebel", the German furniture quality consortium, which issues the RAL quality mark, the only one recognised in Germany in the furniture industry.
          SieMatic kitchens, whose quality is also recognised outside Germany, as evidenced by the numerous awards and prizes they have received over the years, are exported to over 60 countries around the world and are therefore an excellent example of German quality at an international level.

          The design of SieMatic kitchens

          The history of the SieMatic kitchens has always been linked to design as a fundamental point, both when it produced the buffet kitchens and then over time they have evolved to contemporary kitchens. For SieMatic design does not just mean elegance, but much more: harmony of proportions, use of quality materials, flexibility in the composition in order to perfectly adapt to different customer needs.
          The quality of SieMatic kitchens is evident in the details: every single element is studied and designed to make life easier, especially in an environment like the kitchen which is the place where one's taste is expressed both from a culinary and aesthetic point of view. To meet all needs, whether large or compact kitchens, with a central island or ultra-technological, in wood or steel, SieMatic offers three main lines in three different styles: URBAN, PURE and CLASSIC. Different in style but always characterized by an elegant design, unique details, precious materials, SieMatic kitchens set new high standards to achieve, becoming models to be inspired by.

          Interior equipment in aluminium, wood or laminate

          The design of SieMatic kitchens is precise in every detail, both exterior and interior, guaranteeing perfect and complete functionality, including that of the internal equipment. All SieMatic drawers and pull-outs, available in any width from 25 cm up to 120 cm, are easy to pull out, offer great freedom of composition and withstand high weights.
          The SieMatic aluminium interior equipment consists of flexible aluminium elements, which can be equipped with cutlery holders and complementary elements, with a choice of dark smoked chestnut or light oak finish. There are various accessories, including for example porcelain spice jars, which remain stable in the drawer thanks to the bottom with SieMatic Flock2Block flocked mat.

          Even the wooden version of the SieMatic interior equipment, which has received several awards from the Design Awards, has various elegant and functional accessories for practical and functional use of the space. Here, too, pots, pans and containers are prevented from slipping thanks to the GripDeck system, consisting of rubber strips, which guarantee stability and prevent even the heaviest objects in the drawers and pull-outs from moving. The light oak or aluminium and porcelain finish with elegant grey details gives the final touch of elegance and charm to this interior equipment.
          In addition to the aluminium and wooden version, however, the most frequent choice falls on the internal laminate equipment, as they are more hygienic due to the fact that they are easier to clean and also cheaper. They are elegant in a matte white finish, but can also be combined with wood or aluminium details, and have a rich variety of accessories, including cutlery holders, spice holders and other accessories, with GripDeck system to give stability to objects. ... More ... less

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