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          2,967 Washbasins

          The washbasin is the fixture that gives the bathroom its personality. Whether wall mounted or countertop mounted, the washbasin is there for us in many moments of the day. For this reason it has to be practical and aesthetically pleasant. How to choose one? Archiproducts offers a number of solutions that differ in terms of installation type, shape, materials and styles. Choose the one that completes your bathroom idea!

          The first thing that should guide you is certainly the size of the bathroom. To face the increasing reduction of housing sizes, brands have modified fixture sizes creating reduced width and depth making them fit into whatever bathroom. After the space availability evaluation, choose the installation type. Pedestal washbasins are the most common ones and they recall the old tripod and washbowl set. The wasbasin is wall mounted by clamps and it lies on a ceramic pedestal on the floor. The pedestal hides the water connections and the drain but it often takes space. As an alternative there are Wall mounted washbasins come with a semi-pedestal that hides the pipes and the drain while letting you clean underneath it easily. Both solutions are unexpensive but they take space without containing anything. These models don’t allow for the insertion of a cabinet under them. Wall mounted washbasins have the advantage of making your bathroom accessible to disabled people. A trendy solution is represented by freestanding washbasins which are floor mounted and allow for a total installation flexibility. Coming from designers’ creativity, freestanding washbasins can be placed at the centre of the room and come with floor mounted mixer taps and are destined to trendy and luxury bathrooms. Semi-inset washbasins or recessed ones are more affordable. The bowls are recessed in or on a countertop at different heights depending on aesthetic choices. While a semi-inset washbasin is partially recessed (the front border just comes out of the countertop), undermounted washbasins are totally recessed in the top both laterally and in depth and the borders are hidden under the top. Inset washbasins have borders protruding for a couple of cm out of the countertop in traditional models or for great part of the bowl in more innovative models. Recessed models have the advantage to outfit the lower area with storage units like shelves, drawers or cabinets with doors where you can put towels and cosmetic products. However, often recessed washbasins are shallow making them less functional. If you don’t have much space, semi-inset washbasins are the ones to go for. Countertop washbasins are really trendy thanks to the number of shapes they are molded into and they can come in many different materials.

          To choose the right washbasin you need to think of who’s going to use it every day. Large family? Consider a recessed washbasin to free space on the countertop and get some storage space underneath. Are you going to decorate the guests’ bathroom? Choose a console washbasin coming with a wall mirror and an elegant wall lamp in the same style of the console. Do you have a small service bathroom? Choose a corner washbasin, a handrinse basin or a utility sink to put bathroom and laundry room together. En-suite bathroom? Choose a double bowl washbasin mounted on a shelf or a suspended chest of drawers enriched by an all wall mirror.

          Keep an eye on ergonomy. The right height for a washbasin is 85-90 cm from the floor level. If you install it at a lower height they make you bend too much while installing them too high may make them unaccessible to kids. To ensure their usability, allow a 75 cm frontal space and 20 cm space from the lateral wall to make it easy to clean the floor around them. More, it is better if the washbasin comes with a bowl that uses well all the supporting base both in depth and in width so to let the arms move freely and avoid water splashes. Taps have to be in a central positon but also lateral ones are becoming popular lately. Even if not very convenient, in particular, for babies’ baths, the lateral tap makes the washbasin original and it comes useful in case of reduced depths.

          How to chose among the many available materials? White ceramic wahsbasins are traditional: relatively light, unexpensive and available for whatever kind of installation. Natural stone washbasins are more expensive but really nice: marble, granite, travertine for an antique look and alabaster and onyx for precious washbasins. Glass washbasins are beautiful both in the transparent and the opaque versions, in natural or pigmented color. Resistant, hygienic and impressive, glass washbasins are pretty hard to clean because of the lime that builds-up on them. Besides traditional materials, the market has available ultra-technicological ones with which you can make washbasins of whatever shape and color. Acrylic stone, a compound of stone powder (usually quarz) and thermosetting resins, offer solid, durable, resistant and compact surfaces. There are many types available all with regstered trademarks. The most used for washbasins are Corian?, HI-MACS? and Cristalplant?. Corian? washbasins put together aesthetics and high performance: durable, non-porous, easy maintenance and beautiful. These washbasins are also beautiful because they combine countertop and bowl. HI-MACS? washbasins have a water repelling surface and are pleasant to touch. This makes them quite convenient in the bathroom. Their smooth, non-porous, dirt repellent surface makes these washbasins really hygienic and easy to clean. HI-MACS? washbasins are moulded and can be easily integrated in a washbasin countertop. Pietraluce? washbasins are acid, solvents, detergents resistant, they are antibacterial, non-flammable and self-estinguishing. They are made of hydrated alumina, titanium bioxide and polyester resin and they are also layered with polyester resin. Pietraluce? washbasins are easy maintenance thanks to their waterproof-ness and anti-lime feature. You want to surprise your guests? Choose a concrete washbasin! Classic style or contemporary style? If you don’t like daring shapes and colors, choose the vintage shapes of a classic, formal washbasin. Complete it with a knob tap and a chromed metal console for a fine art-decò style or match it with an Arte Povera storage unit and a gold color brass tap. If you are into irregular shapes and clean lines, add a glamorous touch to your bathroom with a contemporary washbasin. Colored bowls, all wall shelves and LED retro-illuminated mirrors will transform your bathroom into a functional pleasant place. ... More ... less


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