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          3,103 Table lamps

          Table lamps are a light source - often additional - suitable for any context, from residential to professional. The versatility that characterizes this lighting element allows you to insert it in a variety of environments, thanks to the compact size of this product. The most classic of all table lamps is certainly the abat-jour, with fixed base and fabric lampshade, traditionally used in the bedroom to create a soft light. However, there are some original elements that use innovative materials such as polycarbonate and paper. In fact, this product is subject to material and formal revision over and over again and this continuous research allows to obtain objects with a modern design - with minimal structures and chrome finishes - or inspired by the classic shapes, the traditional fabric lampshade.

          Table lamps: contemporary icons

          The table lamp is an element capable of combining aesthetics and functionality in an efficient way. It is precisely this characteristic that has elevated them to a true furnishing accessory, giving shape over time to contemporary icons. From models with a design inspired by geometric shapes - especially the sphere - to a mix of finishes and shapes, the classic models are accompanied by products that follow and dictate the new trends in lighting. In recent years, the focus has been on the creation of increasingly versatile and multipurpose table lamps, transportable and transformable, adaptable to the new rhythms of contemporary living.

          A table lamp suitable for any environment

          Desk lamps are essential for illuminating a worktop. They generally have a more or less wide base or a clamp, which allows them to be attached to the desk. To allow the beam to be directed where necessary, desk lamps often have a flexible or swivel arm and swivel shade. For dimmed light you can consider choosing a table lamp with indirect light. As far as light sources are concerned, LED table lamps are among the most popular solutions. ... More ... less


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