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          485 Spouts taps

          To enhance your bathroom taps’ functionality you sometimes need to buy your spouts and taps separately. Even if they’re usable on all bathroom fixtures, spouts and taps are better highlighted in the bathtub or in the shower. As for general taps, spouts taps can be mounted on the wall or on the floor. The wall mounted spouts taps are installed at the predisposed holes on the wall freeing some space on the washbasins. This kind of installation is the most practical because it takes advantage of the proximity of the fixtures to the walls. Alternatively, you can install deck mounted spouts taps on the washbasin or on the fixtures when they have the predisposed holes. For a correct water flow, the tap has to jut out of the border of the bathtub. The height has a more functional purpose than aesthetic because it increases the comfortable use of the taps. A spout tap placed too low would make it difficult to wash hair or to bath the baby while a spout tap placed too high can make water splash all over. For the same reason it is advisable to calculate the ratio between the height of the spout and the depth of the basin. Choose a standard height spout for a fixture installation and higher for installations over it so to protrude over the lateral part of the fixture. For freestanding washbasins and bathtubs you must choose a floor spout tap. You want a stylish one, right? Choose a waterfall spout for the bathtub or the shower: the blade shape water jet will give a spectacular ambiance to the room and will make the bath or shower moment a regenerating daily experience. ... More ... less
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