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          733 Shower panels

          The shower area is made up of three essential elements: the shower tray, the closure (walk-in wall or cabin) and tap. As an alternative to the shower cabin, purchasing the single elements separately could be a practical, original and personalized furnishing idea. When choosing the taps, you can opt for the more traditional (and unexpensive) shower wallbar that comes with a height adjustable handshower or you can choose a shower panel to increase comfort and pleasure. The market offers many designer’s shower panels, from the most essential to the most technological. On Archiproducts you can browse among many types of shower panels and choose the one that suits you.
          How to install one? Shower panels can be floor mounted, wall mounted or recessed. floor standing shower panels are freestanding elements suited for walk-in shower cabins and centre room solutions. Wall mounted shower panels have the panel visible and it plays a fundamental role of the aesthetics of it. Built-in shower panels, instead, only show the external parts of the control knobs of the tap, the rainshowers, the handshower and the deviator. For the models coming with chromotherapy or audio system, there will also be the elctric connections as well as the water system ones. Corner shower panels are an innovative solution for small bathrooms.

          How to choose the right shower? Functionality, looks and budget will guide you. Thermostatic shower panels come with a thermostatic valve that keeps the desired temperature and protects from accidental burns under the shower. More, water temperature is kept constant even in case of an interruption of the water flow and following reprise. Do you need to relax after a hard day at work? You want to start your days full of energy? Hydromassage shower panels come with lateral rainshowers, with directable jets for a vertical, relaxing or energizing massage. The combined use of the fixed rainshower and the lateral jets for the massage of neck and back completes the wellness treatment for our body. A spa right in your house? The complex multifunction shower panels transform the bathroom in a wellness centre offering several kinds of massages (vertical, lymphodraining, cervical or even plantar) as well as Scottish shower, Turkish bath, refreshing fog.

          Looks are really important for a shower panel both for the visible panel and for the recessed panel because they are object of study for many designers. The trendiest models have a large, flat structure with the rainshower as a continuation of the panel itself. Their ever increasing size isn’t a mere aesthetical aspect: a large rainshower has a wider and well spread flow and this is more pleasurable. More, thanks to a larger size, details can be taken care of more precisely thus creating real art. From a practical point of view, you need to remember that the larger panels need more space for buttons, spouts and control panels so they are recommended for large shower cabins.

          Among available accessories, rainshowers let you wash and won’t let your hair wet, the soap tray, or a storage box flushed in the panel. For the cutting edge models, the chromotherapy LEDs and the scent spreading nozzles complete the shower area creating a little spa. You love singing under the shower, don’t you? Choose a panel with an integrated audio system and sing along! These models also come with a digital control panel to keep water pressure and temperature as well as chromotherapy and radio commands under control.

          Shower panels can be made of stainless steel which is durable, lime resistant and aesthetically very attractive thanks to different surface finishings: shiny,satinized, etc. A sustainable alternative to stainless steel is Alulife?, which is recycled aluminium machined on the surface thanks to anode oxidation. It is available in many patterns and color hues: from the classic metal, gold and bronze nuances to the vivid turquoise, red or green. ABS is used in less expensive models. It can be chromed or varnished and it’s available in many colors. Composite materials are very interesting too. They are the acrylic based Duralight? and Corian? which are easily moldable, non-toxic, non porous, hygienic and abrasion resistant. ... More ... less


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