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          1,266 Shower cabins

          In contemporary bathroom design, shower cabins have become really important. The shower cabin was invented as an alternative to the bathtub, especially for small bathrooms. Producers have evolved the shower cabin concept to make it become a home spa. The monoblock shower cabin are the most common ones because they contain the shower tray, the drain, the tap, the rainshower, the door and several lateral nozzels. As an alternative, the shower cabin can be built, purchasing each single element separately and closing it with a glas door. The first solution, as usual, has the advantage of being customizable and made to fit, while the second one enjoys contemporary industrial design with perfect technological solution at an affordable cost.
          How to choose the right one? The shape and the position in the bathroom will determine your choice. In case of a tiled shower tray, the shape and the size of the cabin are indipendend from the tray size. The number of the walls of the box are function of the type of installation. In case of a niche shower cabi, you’ll have one wall and one door while in the corner shower cabins there will be two walls. A particular type of corner shower cabin is the semicircular shower cabin which only has one semicircular wall with a sliding door. If the shower tray is placed right next to a wall, you’ll have to choose between a rectangular shower cabin or a three wall square one, two fixed walls and a door. Centre room installations will have four walls. They can come with swing, sliding or foldable doors. Swing door shower cabins have their doors open outwards or outwards/inwards while Sliding door shower cabins are very convenient in small bathrooms because there’s no door encumbrance. The foldable doors have the slats folding inwards and are quite useful in small bathrooms or corner showers.

          For a turnkey solution, you can choose a monoblock solution after you’ve evaluated the available space. Choose a multifunction shower cabin which comes with a hydromassage shower panel: a home spa! Multifunction cabins transform your bathroom in a real wellness centre offering several kinds of massages (vertical, lymphodraining, cervical or even plantar) as well as Scottish shower, Turkish bath, refreshing fog. Cutting edge models are equipped with chromotherapy LEDs and scent spreading nozzles for aromatherapy.

          Which materials should you choose? Usually, shower cabins come with an aluminium bar structure which is designed to fit the shower tray size and to not perfectly straight walls. All glass shower cabins are really modern and trendy because they have no structure. Waterproofing is granted by silicon gaskets. Panels are what makes the difference in terms of price. Tempered glass shower cabins are very resistant and shatterproof thanks to the thermal shock the glass panes undergo (UNI 7142). They come in different widths ranging from 3 to 6 mm. The panes can come with different finishings such as transparent, satinized, printed. Tempered glass panes are shatterproof: in case of damage they break into not edgy small pieces. More, nano-structure anti-drip treatments allow to eliminate lime scale build-up on the glass surface making cabin cleaning really easy. There are also acrylic glass shower cabins which are durable but less resistant to abrasion and thus cheaper. Acrylic panes are 2 to 3 mm thick and can come with different finishings. More, acrylic panes don’t preserve their initial aspect: they tend to change color in time.
          Whether it is built or monoblock, essential or technological, traditional or structure-less, the shower cabin is an item you cannot live without. Choose a quality product that will prepare you for your working days and will let you rediscover the pleasure of a shower. ... More ... less


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