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          4,615 Rugs

          Extremely useful to add an extra touch to the furniture of interior and exterior spaces, rugs are essential to give a sense of warmth and enrich the space with decorations and motifs. There are plenty of types of rugs available allowing to customize a space mixing colors and materials. Rugs are ideal design products to shape and pull together a furniture layout that reflects the space character and can complement the interior area with tons of options. From oriental rugs –such as the Kilim and Persian rugs– to modern rugs with metal inserts, rugs can make floors more comfortable to walk on in any room, included the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen and the living area.

          A rug for every room: modern rugs for any space in the house

          Any room can stand out with a modern rug in it. Not only do rugs help avoid direct contact with the floor, but they also adorn any room in the house. It’s in the living area that rugs contribute the best to the final result of a furniture plan. It’s in this room indeed that they are used as authentic design elements, often placed in the middle of the room to catch the attention.

          How to customize your house with rugs fitting any furniture style

          Choosing the right rug is absolutely important and it’s necessary to consider the way it harmonizes with the surrounding environment based on the latter dimensions and furniture style. Modern rugs feature several prints and colors, opening the choice to a wide variety of contemporary patterns. Patchwork rugs certainly figure among the latest trends in rugs design, appropriate for an informal and colorful space and available in natural and synthetic materials. Rugs with optical patterns swing between pastel tones and vibrant colors and the traditional black and white combination, hence easily capturing the attention and producing a certain impact on the furniture of an area. Floral rugs contribute to mold a romantic mood, while geometrical patterns work perfectly in a modern furniture style.

          The right rug. Materials, prints and colors

          Rugs are extremely versatile design elements and can be traditionally laid on the floor or hanged as tapestries on the wall. These adaptable use of rugs is made possible thanks to the broad range of colors and prints available. For what materials are concerned, natural fibers are increasingly employed. Very common within contemporary furniture style, vinyl rugs are appropriate for both interior and exterior spaces, and can make a quality alternative to traditional fur-tufted rugs. With regards to existing prints and colors, patterned rugs are an interesting solution to decorate the room together with the more classical solid-color rugs. ... More ... less


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