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          1,067 Overhead showers

          Wall mounted or ceiling mounted? Waterfall jet or rain jet? Small or imposing? Overhead showers or rainshowers are available in many shapes and sizes to satisfy both your practical and budget needs. Choosing your rainshower for your cabin carefully is important if you want to get an enveloping water jet without spending too much on your water bill. Just to satisfy the needs for a leaner water bill, the market offers rainshowers that offer high comfort with a low water consumption.
          How to choose one? First, measure your shower cabin and choose an adequate rainshower to have moving space within the cabin. For great moving space in a small cabin, choose a ceiling mounted overhead shower, recessed or suspended by an arm that takes no space on the wall. Ceiling recessed overhead showers grant a minimal, elegant look installation especially for the ultra-slim models. However, you need a faux-ceiling to install all the components. For average size shower cabins, you can install a wall mounted overhead shower attached to the wall by a shower bar or rigidly connected to the wallbar. Some wall mounted compact swiveling overhead showers provide an adjustable jet which is comfortable even in small cabins.

          To enhance comfort you need to put the shower 20 cm over your head; considering the variable height of the members of a family, the right height is 200 – 210 cm from the shower tray. The comfort under the shower is mostly given by the water flow that the rainshower provides. Rainshowers provide a vertical, thin and continuous flow while the waterfall showers provide a blade-like flow of water. Many products on the market come with a double flow and they can be used singularly or at the same time thanks to deviators.

          Overhead showers work at a pressure varying between 0,5 and 5 bars whith flow ratios varying function of the pressure. This can be checked reading the diagrams for each product. For each of the diagrams specify the limit ratio under which continuous and comfortable flow cannot be guaranteed. There are some showers with a limit ratio of 3/7 liters per minute which can work with low flow ratios. For this reason they can be defined as “water saving” showers. To face the continuous requests of water saving increase, the market offers a wide range of showers that reduce the flow ratio thanks to their shape, to the head shape or because they come with specific devices such as built-in flow limiters.

          Which accessories do you need to have? To increase rainshower durability, make sure that the nozzles are covered with silicone to facilitate scale elimination. For a spa-sized shower, choose an overhead shower for chromotherapy which comes with built-in lights, or an aromatherapy rainshower in which a little nozzle sprays essential scented oils every now and then to avoid inurement. For a relaxing hydromassage under the shower you can complete the set with lateral nozzles that can be activated separately depending on the effect you want to get. The rainshowers are usually made of stainless steel, brass, aluminium or ABS and they come in several different finishings such as shiny, satinized, brushed. Choose your favorite one! ... More ... less


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