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          821 Outdoor wall lamps

          An appropriate outdoor lighting project adds value to a garden, a balcony or a terrace. In this sense, with their incredible scenic effect and extreme functionality, outdoor wall lamps contribute to make an outdoor space enjoyable even at night. It is possible to choose among a wide variety of outdoor lamps based on different models, colors and power source typologies, including LED, halogen and fluorescent lamps. The adaptable design of this type of lighting product makes it suitable to a variety of contexts, from modern to classic. A very interesting option is provided by eco-friendly alternatives such as solar-powered garden lamps, allowing to significantly reduce the electric energy consumption.

          Light spots with outdoor wall lamps that enhance the outdoor space

          Outdoor wall lamps are a type of outdoor lamps, to be installed in outdoor areas, as for instance gardens, terraces and balconies to obtain a well planned night lighting. These outdoor wall lamps satisfy both functionality and aesthetics purposes. Differently from recessed spotlights, they are characterized by visible elements that enrich a space with design objects, therefore adding to the definition of the outdoor furniture style. Soft, rounded shapes or rigid geometries for these outdoor design elements that not only illuminate, but also decorate the entrances of houses and other locations, porticoes and outdoor lounge areas. The style and material of the fixture changes in line with the environment to be furnished. Among the trendiest there certainly are outdoor wrought iron lamps, allowing to efficiently mix glass and metal. Generally, the models for modern outdoor lamps vary based on color, material and shape, to fit the context where they are to be placed.

          Garden lighting: wall lamps for an exclusive outdoor

          When choosing the outdoor lighting it is crucial to take into account the available space. In the case of a garden, a series of outdoor lamps will turn useful to shed lights on external walls and fa?ades, as much as they will allow to create lighted paths with light spots along the walkways borders. That’s not all: garden lamps will also put in evidence the external part of a gazebo, of an outdoor lunch or dining area and a fountain. Even when placed along a poolside, LED outdoor wall lamps will create unique atmospheres. Outdoor wall lamps are available in a multitude of colors and models to match any garden furniture style. To be used to light up walkways or to set up authentic light ambiances, wall lamps can prove useful to decorate the garden with colorful lights effects, to make the outdoor space even more special.

          Modern outdoor wall lamps to fit any outdoor furniture style

          Outdoor wall lamps are available in several materials and colors to suit any outdoor furniture style. Classic or with a modern design, used to lighten a niche or a specific area of the outdoor hallway, wall lamps embody a perfect fusion between aesthetics and functionality. Plus they represent an astonishing practical solution. It depends on the kind of light you want to get; direct light outdoor wall lamps are perfect to precisely light up a specific outdoor spot, while indirect light outdoor wall lamps create soft atmospheres. For instance, wrought iron wall lamps are the best choice for classic-style outdoors and can be fixed on stone walls. Outdoor LED lamps combine well with a modern style for minimalist outdoor. ... More ... less


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