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          403 Office Storage units

          “I am immersed in architecture all day, working in my office or teaching.” (Peter Eisenman)
          In operative rooms and management ones, office storage units are essential to store documents and stationery as well as personal items. They have to be matched to desks and seats to to create a harmonic space. Depending on how much space you have available, you can choose among: tall office storage units and short ones. The first ones are useful in the reception rooms and in hallways. Short office storage units, instead, can be placed under desks or window sills where it isn’t convenient to put a workstation. Low units are also indicated to outfit representative rooms like meeting rooms. Office storage units with casters are the most common ones. They are mostly put under the desks because they’re easy to move around. To keep your personal stuff, important documents or dangerous chemicals safe you want to choose some lockable office storage units.
          Unit materials depend on the rooms they are destinated to. For management offices choose some wooden office storage units matching the desks and the armchairs. For operative rooms, choose metal office storage units or laminated, MDS or veneered units. ... More ... less


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