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          185 Laundry room cabinets

          The laundry room is usually a neglected place. Often made out of left-over spaces, it’s a space where you end up putting the washing machine, the dryer, ironing board, hampers thus compromising the overall look. There are two cases: you might have a dedicated space for the laundry where you store away, wash, dry and iron clothes. Or you can draw some space from the bathroom and sometimes even in the kitchen. In both cases, though, it’s possible to choose furniture that would be functional. Modular storage units that can adapt to whatever spaces and that come with a lot of accessories. Now, this is laundry room furniture!
          Depending on your needs you can decide whether to recess your washing machine, your drier, whether to have a washtub, hamper stands, detergents’ cabinet… you can compose your furniture by choosing among countless configurations! ... More ... less
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