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          HI-MACS Exteria®

          Solid Surface material for fa?ades


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          HI-MACS Exteria® By HI-MACS


          Solid Surface material for façades



          LG Hausys is now expanding exterior possibilities with a new and outdoor dedicated product family: HI-MACS Exteria®.‎
          The new product category includes HI-MACS®-FR; which has offered increased fire resistance for many years – the first solid surface formulation to receive the ETA certification for public building facades.‎

          Now, a new advanced formulation is available for façade architects and builders, HI-MACS® S828, a new formulation offering better UV resistance, which is particularly important when the façade is exposed to high levels of sunlight.‎
          Thanks to this new formulation, HI-MACS® has obtained the French QB certification and CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) ATec “Avis Technique” for facade applications, earning recognition for its outstanding quality.‎
          CSTB certification requires a thorough and demanding 2-year process that involves assessments on 25 different criteria requirements on each product’s performance against severe wind pressure, fire, earthquakes, external impact/shock, and other scenarios that can potentially compromise the durability of components.‎ Not only that, it examines how each product is manufactured and installed to make sure every certified product meets the standard requirements for construction materials used in France.‎

          HI-MACS® scored particularly well in terms of design, installation technology, reliability and quality.‎ Given the fact that exterior building materials tend to be exposed directly to external (outdoor) elements, they require better durability, weatherproofing, and fire safety.‎ HI-MACS® was able to earn the CSTB certificate due in large part to HI-MACS®’s ability to check all boxes in those areas.‎

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