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          614 Garden stools

          Are you thinking of creating a bar corner on your terrace or by your pool? You want to decorate your garden table with an ultra-modern touch? Are you searching for the perfect seat for your outdoor bar? Choose some garden stools! Versatile, informal, functional and with minimal encumbrance, garden stools can replace classic garden chairs with great personality especially in small spaces. Outdoor stools are useful in households as well as in contracting and are an interesting experimenting field for designers. Forms and colors are made possible thanks to the introduction of new materials and by reinventing the traditional ones. Discover the garden stools presented by the best international brands in our catalogue!
          The first criterion to take into account when choosing a garden stool is its height. If the stools has to stand by an outdoor dining table you need a 46 cm stool. For a trendy touch, try to mix the seat types placing stools at the heads of the table together with the chairs of the same line but of different color. If the stools have to be placed next to a high table or a bar counter, choose the high garden stools: you may want to add footrests for greater comfort.

          Another criterion you want to consider is the available space. If the stools are to be used only when necessary and you donโ€™t have a lot of space, choose the stackable garden stools or the foldable ones that can be stored in smaller spaces when not needed.

          As for all outdoor furniture, the material with which the stool is made is essential for its durability. The ideal stool is tough but light you can move it around easily but it also has to be washable or it has to have removable covers in case of fabric coverings for easy maintenance. The wood garden stools are tall, old-fashioned English pub style, solid and sturdy, perfect for outfitting an informal outdoor bar. The glossy or satinazedmetal frame garden stools would be more suited for glamorous and industrial style ambiances. The modern plastic garden stoolls with their colorful ones will be perfect to add cheerfulness and liveliness to your outdoor dining space in the city centre. ... More ... less


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