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          750 Bidet taps

          ”Talking is a hydrant in the yard and writing is a faucet upstairs in the house. Opening the first takes the pressure off the second.”(Robert Frost)
          after choosing the bidet model for your bathroom you need to choose the right fittings. Fittings for your bidet are available in a countless series of forms and finishing. Bidet fittings have become cutting edge in terms of sustainability, reducing water flow rate and in terms of accessibility for disabled people with built-in sensors for automatic opening and closing. Functionality and style are equally important: according to the composition, the finishing and the design, the tap would give a specific look. How would you choose the right tap? Discover it on Archiproducts!

          First of all, would you prefer the tap or the bidet mixers? Usually the tap consists of the three hole set made by a spout and two knobs, hot and cold water. In a double command tap the flow rate is adjusted by screwing or unscrewing the knobs and the mixing happens in the spout. The mixer tap, instead, is a single handle bidet taps single command tap because the flow and the temperature of the water are regulated with a single movement of the lever and the water mixing happens in the body of the tap. If in central position, the lever lets out room temperature water while we would have hot or cold water whether we move the lever to the left or to the right. The most common model is the single unit mixer: a single bloc in which spout and knob are combined in one structure.

          Where to place the bidet fittings? The installation of countertop bidet taps to be placed at the installation-ready holes are certainly the most common. Considering it’s impossible to drill holes on vitreous china, the decision regarding the composition (three or one hole) must be made when you choose the bidet. Or you could choose a wall mounted bidet tap, you’ll have to decide whether to install the spout on the wall or on the fixture. In case you install the tap on the wall, you need to choose carefully the height of the spout. A spout placed too low might not be practical while one placed too high might cause a lot of splashing.

          Keep an eye on the quality of the fittings you choose: the average lifetime of household fixtures is about 25 years and a tap isn’t replaced so easily! If you choose a mixer, invest some money in a model coming with ceramic cartridge inside: they are more expensive than the plastic cartridge ones but they’re more functional and last longer. To reduce water consumption, you may want to choose for an electronic tap which allows water flow adjustment, temperature setting, water pressure and water consumption.

          Don’t forget style! Would you prefer the classic style bidet tap? Choose a vintage three hole tap or a single hole short length, sharp bend spout. The curvy lines, the star-shaped knobs and the brass finishing will give an art nouveau style to your bathroom. If you prefer to choose a contemporary style bidet tap, you’ll have a single body, squared line tap with chrome plated finishing mounted on the bidet or a three hole wall composition with three single washers for a minimalistic look. ... More ... less


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