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          97 Bathtub wall panels

          Bathtub walls enrich bathtub’s comfort with the convenience of the shower. Placed frontally where the drain is, bathtub walls avoid water splashing around when you’re using the bathtub standing. According to the position of the tub, the walls can be fixed, foldable, sliding or a combination of these. Fixed doors are panels fixed to the wall and sealed onto the border of the tub. The foldable one, instead, takes less space and allows for a greater enclosure of the shower area because its sloping panel, closing itself, slides and rotates placing itself at a maximum slope from the fixed wall. The sliding parts allow for a complete closure of the shower area creating a real shower cabin. The market offers pneumatic bathtub walls which hoist and recline the wall over the tap to allow cleaning ease. In case of foldable doors, you better choose glass recessed hinges and flushed with the internal side so to make the glass cleaning easy and fast. The over-tub walls can be made in tempered glass or acrylic glass (methacrylate) . If you choose a glass wall, you need shatterproof glass for your safety. If treated with anti-drop film, it has great durability keeping its beauty unaltered. Acrylic is lighter, potentially less dangerous but you will have to change it sooner because of its lower resistance to limescale, to dirt and UV rays. ... More ... less
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