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          566 Bathroom cabinets

          “Neither a bath nor a lecture served any purpose, unless they cleaned us.” (Plutarch)
          Outfitting the bathroom with storage furniture is essential for functional reasons and because, together with the fittings, they endow the bathroom with style and personality. The market offers a lot of choice. From the models to the accessories, from the materials to the finishings, you can find what suits your bathroom. Whether it is a wall cabinet or a tall cabinet, a washbasin composition or a shelf, bathroom furniture needs to be chosen carefully taking into account space, storage and quality. How to find the one you need amongst the countless ones offered by our brands?

          In medium-large sized bathrooms the furniture is composed by more elements, often modular ones, in order to fit into all the spaces and to fulfill all needs. The modular elements you can use in bathroom sets are: vanity units, wall cabinets, tall cabinets. The vanity set with doors is a container matched to the washbasins thanks to the perforated top and it helps you recover some storage space for soap and bathroom cleaning items. The tall bathroom cabinets, with or without doors are very useful to put away towels and can be suspended or freestanding. The wall cabinets, that can be placed in the washbasin area, whether closed or not, can be used to put away your makeup and accessories for personal hygiene. The furniture can be simply placed on the floor or hung on the wall. The pieces that are placed on the floor are easy to install because they don’t require fastenings but they can take a lot of space in small bathrooms and you can’t install them in bathrooms for disabled people. On the contrary, the suspended bathroom cabinets free space on the floor making it easy to clean and enlarge bathroom’s perspective.

          Which modules should you choose? Keep in mind the size and the shape of the room and try to use all the available space creating balanced compositions. Storage space, you know, is never enough in a bathroom but adding too many pieces of furniture would take away too much space. In small bathrooms you should have at least one storage module to place near the washbasin like a suspended cabinet with mirrored doors or a mirror with a lateral storage space. To take advantage of all the available space, try to add unit shelves for small objects and towels. In normal sized bathrooms you have much more freedom. You can choose a sectional bathroom cabinet which comes with all the basic elements and it also has shelves which make it pleasant to look at and are very convenient to add items such as a scented candle, a rattan basket for cotton balls or a vase with a plant.

          What style do you have in mind? Once you’ve calculated the space you can use, you have to choose forms and materials. You have to let your creativity go. If you like the classic style bathroom cabinets, choose a tall unit with glass doors or an oval or round shaped vanity unit that adapt more to anthropometric standard parameters. If you’d rather choose contemporary style bathroom cabinets, then you can unleash your creativity with minimal compositions with shiny surfaces or revisited furniture pieces like a sideboard to place long a free wall or a chest of drawers with casters which is ideal under the washbasin. Then, play with lights to create the right atmosphere and a centerfold bathroom. Search the bathroom furniture you like on Archiproducts. ... More ... less


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