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          Herman Miller & Logitech G. The Game is About to Change

          Technological research and ergonomics for a new gaming chair

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          Herman Miller & Logitech G. The Game is About to Change
          05/03/2020 - The Game is About to Change: in the spring of 2020 Logitech G and Herman Miller collaborate to create a new collection of gaming chair. The new partnership has been announced in recent days and will address the needs of esports athletes, gamers and streamers.
          Like traditional sports, esports athletes and professional streamers need the right gear to perform at their best for long periods of time. In addition to long-term health concerns, esports athletes may also experience a loss of focus and a decline in overall performance due to discomfort. The solutions on the market today are not addressing these concerns – in fact, many of the products on the market today focus primarily on aesthetics, rather than research-proven ergonomic design, and can cause more harm than good.
          “At Herman Miller, we have a rich history of designing solutions to support people wherever they live and work,” said Tim Straker, Herman Miller’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re excited to combine our ergonomic, research-driven approach with Logitech G’s excellence in technology and innovation. Together, we’ll develop high-quality solutions that provide gamers and esports athletes with the utmost support and comfort.”
          Logitech G and Herman Miller will analyse and incorporate the feedback from esports teams with which they have relationships, including Complexity Gaming, TSM, NaVi and others, into products that address their needs and concerns. 

          Herman Miller on ARCHIPRODUCTSAeron, Herman Miller

          Aeron, Herman Miller

          Aeron, Herman Miller

          Aeron, Herman Miller

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