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          Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair's Logo

          Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

          04-08 February 2020 / Sweden, Stockholm




          Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

          Poetic Passion Behind Kasthall’s Poetry Rug
          Kasthall Leftovers Make for Colorful Rugs
          Maki, a Solitary and Social Icon, Based on Minimalism and Diversity
          Key-Word: Unexpected
          A New Customisable Chair With A Sustainable Edge
          Marcel Wanders’ New Monsters
          Nikari: Back to the Roots
          The Book of Acoustics by BAUX
          Soft(er) and More Sustainable. Arper at SFF
          Glimakra of Sweden Presents Woofer
          Metalco Presents Its Latest Collections at SFF
          A Standalone Haven of Silence
          Colors and Nordic Flavour for Contract and Office Spaces
          Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Artek
          Four Coloured Islands Host the Magis World
          Decor, Matter, Color. Terratinta Goes to Stockholm
          LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020
          Note Design Studio and Gunilla Allard for Nola
          Bent Beech-Wood and Woven Cane. The Interpretations by GTV
          Swedish Ninja: Unexpected Expression of Scandinavian Design
          Billiani at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020
          Creative Approach to Lounge Seating by Sedes Regia
          Mizetto: Scandinavian Minimalism in a Playful Manner
          Zilio A&C novelties on show in Stockholm
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