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          Niederndorf / Austria

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          Bora's Logo
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          Bora is the German company based in High Bavaria that revolutionized the kitchen environment with its innovative cooktop extractor systems: BORA Professional, BORA Classic, BORA Basic and BORA Pure. Its founder Willi Bruckbauer was an absolute pioneer in declaring “the end of traditional cooker hoods”. These cooktop extractors offer a new freedom in the kitchen and can be combined with any hobs, be it gas or induction, in ceramics or Tappanyaki, with the steel top typically used for cooking in the Japanese culture. Besides their outstanding functionality, BORA products present an appealing aesthetics, which make them suitable to integrate in any style and environment. Many are the awards and acknowledgments that can prove this success. To mention some of them: the “365 Orte im Land der Ideen”, the Deutsche Gründerpreis, the Red Dot Award, the Plus X Award, the German Design Award, theIconic Award and German Brand Award for the Good Design Award Chicago Anthenaeum.

          The BORA principle

          The principle of BORA extractors functioning is not magic, but physics. A cross flow which is more powerful than the ascending speed of cooking vapors allows to extract odors and steams directly where they are generated, that it to say at the cooking top level itself. A basic and effective principle that combined with the top quality production carried out in Germany and Austria results in products that grant the highest levels of performances and functionality. The Bora principle implies a number of benefits as far as composition is concerned. Greater freedom, more functions and extraordinary arrangements options. Only top-notch materials like stainless steel and glass are employed for production, in full respect of the people and environment. The distribution worldwide relies on a network of specialized retailers.

          The DIN EN 61591 norm examines and evaluates the efficiency of ventilation appliances by measuring the noise, the ventilation power and the grease separation. Thanks to the Cleanrate method introduced by Bora it is possible to objectively compare the efficiency of different ventilation systems with regards to the removal of cooking steams. The Cleanrate states the degree of pureness of the air while cooking, by analyzing the amount of odor particles trapped by the diverse aspiration systems compared. In comparison to the traditional cooker hoods which suck only a part of the emitted steams, BORA systems have obtained a Cleanrate that almost equals 100%. With BORA is like cooking in the open air!
          BORA extraction systems can work by suction or filtering. The suction system works with a fan conveying the cooking vapors outwards through the BORA Ecotube funnel and the BORA 3box wall sleeve, thus completely taking odors and steams away from the cooking area.
          In the filtering system, the fan channels steams through recirculating filters which draw the odors off the airflow which is afterwards recirculated into the kitchen space. Both systems grant a fresh and clean air in the kitchen while preventing heat dispersion, resulting in a significant energy efficiency.

          The advantages of having a hob with integrated extractor

          Bora systems are compatible with all cooking systems, pots, pans and griddles, ensuring greater performances when compared to traditional cooker hoods. Odors removal is certainly on the top list of the advantages. With Bora it is like cooking in the open air, since its systems trap the odors and grease particles directly from the flatware, preventing the vapors from spreading in the air. Also, as far as noise is concerned, BORA is certainly better than the traditional ventilation appliances; the engine is installed in the kitchen plinth area and its mechanism allows a sharp noise reduction even when working at maximum power levels. The installation of the cooker hood at the cooktop level also allows for more visual freedom as it eliminates the ceiling-mounted cooker hood with the advantage that the person cooking is not forced to bent in order to avoid hitting against annoying edges. As the steam takes and horizontal direction on the hob, it avoids contact with the face or the eyes, or that eyeglasses get fogged. The cooking area gets freer and handier, which is a plus also project-wise; there are no restrains in planning the cooking island at the center of the room or under a window; more space is available at the level of the wall cabinets above the hob, as there is no space to be left for the linear cooker hood either. Easy cleaning and maintenance is also ensured since all the components of the extraction system are dishwasher safe. The efficiency and quality of the materials make of BORA systems a guarantee of quality and durability in time. ... More ... less

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